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At Eiffage we deploy our expertise and know-how in designing and building a wide range of structures

Since 2011, Eiffage has been supporting Canadian authorities and industries in building and maintaining their infrastructure

  • Heavy Civil : bridges, tunnels, snowsheds, monuments
    These are Infrastructures that require perfect management of quality du to stringent requirements (roads, highways, subway, sewer, streetcar, railways, airports, harbours, etc.).
  • Dams and Locks
    These are Infrastructures that require staged construction and specialized works (cofferdam, dewatering, grouting, below river bed demolition...).
  • Watermain, sewage, waste water, potable water, waste treatment plant, storms basins
    These are projects that require a perfect understanding of process equipment requirements and quality of work to deliver watertight concrete structures.
  • Energy: power plants, wind mills, solar farms
    These are often complex structures with design interfaces between Heavy Civil and process equipment.
  • Industrial: construction and maintenance
    These are Heavy Civil infrastructures that require agility, ability to fulfill tight schedule commitment, sturdy and accurate construction.
  • Specialities: demolition, dismantling, heavy hoisting, jacking, waterproofing, deck finishing
    Eiffage in Canada has skilled crews to self perform all specialized works.

Heavy Civil projects

  • Hay River Bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Hay River bridge

  • Hamlet Swing Bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Hamlet swing bridge

  • Loos en Gohelle monument | Eiffage Canada

    HILL70 Monument and memorial park

  • Halfway bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Halfway river bridge

  • Parsnip River Bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Parsnip River Bridge

  • Fort McKay bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Fort McKay bridge

  • Parsons Creek East Interchange | Eiffage Canada

    Parsons Creek East Interchange

  • QEW Fort Erie

    QEW Fort Erie

Dams and Locks projects

  • Horseshoe Lake dam | Eiffage Canada

    Horseshoe Lake Dam

  • Lock 28 - Dam | Eiffage Canada

    Lock 28 - Dam

  • Woodworth Dam | Eiffage Canada

    Woodworth Dam

  • Twelve mile lake dam | Eiffage Canada

    Twelve mile lake dam

  • Chain lakes Flood handling upgrades | Eiffage Canada

    Chain lakes Flood handling upgrades

  • Saint Lawrence Seaway locks 4 & 5 | Eiffage Canada

    Saint Lawrence Seaway locks 4 & 5


  • Hwy 11 Bear Passage Bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Hwy 11 Bear Passage Bridge

  • Highway 403 Rail bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Highway 403 Rail bridge rehabilitation

  • Kootenay river bridge | Eiffage Canada

    Kootenay river bridge

  • Alex Fraser bridge upgrade | Eiffage Canada

    Alex Fraser bridge upgrade

  • Metrolinx Union station | Eiffage Canada

    Metrolinx Union station

  • Snowshed columns rehabilitation

    Snowshed columns rehabilitation

Other projects

  • Line 14 South

    Line 14

    Underground works
  • Bellefontaine thermal power plant | Eiffage Canada

    Bellefontaine thermal power plant

    DOM - Martinique
  • Martinique Wind Mill | Eiffage Canada

    Wind farm

    DOM - Martinique